The Diabolical Dr. Stein

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The Dr.'s Horrible Plans

Dr. Stein is a maniacal surgeon who has been committed for performing horrific experiments on others. Now, he takes over his asylum to resume his experiments for what is a modern retelling of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein!

death lurks everywhere

No one can tell for sure

It's a privilege to be alive. We take it for granted too much. Before you can live, you have to survive. And that is not always an easy task. But on this dark and eerie night, there are no guarantees that you are going to survive either. Who will live and who will die?


Dr. Stein is on the Loose!

London's most nefarious mad doctor has broken loose from his asylum and is back to cause mayhem in the Sevalas Lunatic Asylum for the Criminally Insane.A maniacal surgeon with a penchant for barbaric experiments is on the loose in his asylum. The warden and guards are working to resolve the situation, but are either too slow or apathetic to stop him before he could jump from hiding and slit their throats! Are you ready to meet Dr. Stein? Are you ready to match your wits against this maniac?"

they can't stop him

No One Is Safe!

Dr. Stein has been on the loose for committing horrific crimes, and he's disfigured countless people and killed countless more for his insane cannibalistic experiments.
A few days ago, hospital security discovered Dr. Stein missing from his cell, which sparked an all out search for him over 500 acres of lunatic asylum.
Hospital staff was found disemboweled in several locations around the complex, and the facility is putting everyone on high alert that this maniac is still at large

Meet Dr. Stein

Will He Succeed?

As the authorities remains unaware of his whereabouts, Dr. Stein has gone on an even more bloody and diabolic rampage than before...
- Will Dr. Stein escape and kill again? And if so, what is his next target?
- Or will the police finally capture him... or maybe the monsters within The Asylum itself?
Meet Dr. Stein a maniacal scientist who never fails to bring the best out of any experiment he conducts, but very few people knows what happens behind all these trials.
What's worse, his next target is YOU!



Date and time:
Mon, October 31, 2022
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT

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